Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Fashion Happy Hour work?

  1. Get a group of friends together
  2. Choose your Shoe Party
  3. Split into two teams
  4. Have fun and play the HMB Shoe Game©
  5. Compete to win the Ultimate Shoe Trophy

What is the HMB Shoe Game©?

At the heart of our Shoe Party is the HMB Shoe Game. The HMB Shoe Game was created to help forge team bonds among women in a safe intellectually stimulating environment through the universally loved topic of shoes. The HMB Shoe Game is played with two teams competing to win the ultimate Shoe Trophy. No worries, we can definitely assure you that no prior shoe knowledge is needed.

How do I book a party?

You can book a party by sending us an email or by signing up on our Invitation List here.

Can I pay with cash?

We want everyone to have a good time together with a guaranteed number of party goers. To help make this happen all payments must be made online with a card through our booking page.

What if I paid and can't make it?

We want everyone to have a good time together with a guaranteed number of party goers. In the event you cannot make the party, a cancellation and refund request can be made through email 24 hours before the party start time. We will have to charge a 15% fee for each cancellation due to the difficulty of last minute cancellations. We appreciate your understanding.

How long will the party last?

At HMB we're not sticklers about time. We want you to have fun on your schedule. But to keep a general flow of the night we'll start with a 10-15 minute wait time for party goers to arrive. Meet one another and play the HMB Shoe Game© for 45 minutes. Then take group photos to document your very own shoe party experience for 15 minutes. On average, if you're having a good time, your party experience should last 90 minutes.

What is your fashionably late policy? What time should we arrive?

At HMB we understand the last minute run back into the house to grab your lipstick so we built in a 10-15 minute wait time into your party schedule. We want everyone to have a good time and start the game off together with a guaranteed number of party goers. However if your entire party is late we may have to deduct late time if there is another party scheduled right after. Trust us, you'll want every second of fun time.

I'm not a drinker. Can I still attend a shoe party?

Of course! We absolutely understand that not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages. To ensure that all party goers feel comfortable with their party environment, we recommend non-drinkers send us an email and we'll work together to book a Mocktail Style Shoe Party with drinks of your choice!

I'm trying to do a team building event, but I'm worried that the drinking aspect of the party will not be appropriate. Is there an alternative?

According to a recent Inc. Magazine article, “89% of Millennial employees cite workplace happiness as a reason they stay with a job, with 66% saying that unique perks like food and beer are what keep them interested”. Our goal is to combine a timeless unforgettable team building experience, mainly among women in the workplace, in a safely controlled happy hour setting. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear from you through email. In the event, our happy hour themed setting does not work for your workplace, we would be happy to work together to design a Mocktail Style Shoe Party with drinks of your choice!